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Financial Literacy
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Financial Literacy

Call to Action

Let your voice be heard on this important issue by asking members of the Michigan Senate to support Michigan students and help prepare them for future success. Ask your Senator to vote yes on HB 5190

Bankers provide programming in schools across the state ensuring Michigan students are introduced to financial concepts impacting their future. It is critical to teach students to differentiate between wants vs. needs, the importance of responsible budgeting, and the impact of interest, credit, and debt, on long-term financial stability. The efforts of the banking industry, however, cannot reach every Michigan student.

HB 5190 is proposed legislation providing a 1/2 credit personal finance class to every Michigan high school graduate. This legislation not only provides an economic leg up to Michigan students but to the state’s economy. The purpose of public education is to prepare students for college, trade school, or the workforce. HB 5190 gives students the tools to prepare for their future.

Take action now: https://bit.ly/TakeActionForFinLit

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